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NCSS Resolution Writing

Resolutions Writing 101

"All about NCSS Resolutions: A Crash Course in Writing, Crafting, and Submitting Resolutions to HOD"

Presented by Brad Burenheide, 2011 NCSS HOD Resoluitons Committee Chair


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What makes a good NCSS Resolution? (Resolutions PowerPoint developed by Tina Heafner, NCSS 2008 HOD Steering Committee Chair and updated by NCSS Staff)

Resolutions Should...

  • Provide direction to NCSS Board of Directors for current and future work of NCSS
  • Create a forum to express ideas, recommendations, issues and concerns relevant to NCSS and its work to promote quality teaching & learning of social studies
  • Consideration should be given to the existing goals and actions of NCSS

Questions to Consider when picking your Resolution Topics?

  • What issues are impacting Social Studies educators at the local and/or state level?
  • What are the current and future goals of NCSS?
Consider NCSS: Advocacy and Visibility; Education and Knowledge; Membership; Engaged Citizenry; Social Studies Excellence

Reference the NCSS Strategic Plan: NCSS_Strategic_Plan_Overview.doc

What are current activities NCSS is undertaking to address NCSS Strategic Plan goals and objectives

Reference NCSS Activities Overview: 7-2011_NCSS_Activities_Overview-Preliminary_Draft.doc

  • What recommendations can be offered to support the organization/membership?
  • How can the actions of NCSS improve the teaching and learning of social studies?
  • Are there issues in my state or special interest group that are not represented?
  • Are there issues that NCSS is not effectively addressing that need more or modified action?
  • What do my constituents (affiliated council, associated group, or community members, etc.) feel is important to social studies education?

Questions to consider when Crafting Resolutions?

  • How effective is the purpose of the resolution articulated?
  • Is the resolution clearly and concisely worded?
  • Does the resolution follow the appropriate format?
(Rationale & Statement of Action, Statement relating to goals & purposes of NCSS, Statement relating to professional interests of NCSS)

  • Does the resolution contain actions that are prohibited?
(Change the structure of NCSS, ie.)

  • Bind NCSS to spend money?
  • Is the resolution thoughtful and purposeful?
  • Does the resolution connect and extend the current goals of NCSS as outlined in the strategic plan? If so, how?
  • Has this or a similar resolution been considered before?
Reference NCSS Resolutions and Voting Results:

  • Does the resolution represent the interests of my state or special interest group?
Resolution Template: Resolutions_Template.doc

Examples of Well and Poorly Written Resolutions:



Resolutions Dissected with explanations of the different parts of the resolution



We encourage you to work on and submit your resolutions anytime of the year. Our Online Submission Page gives you the option to view and comment on all of the 2010 submitted Resolutions.

Click here to submit your resolutions.

Online Resolution Submission

How to Submit Your Resolutions Online:

1. Register as a NCSS Leader's Site User.

2. Title your resolution

3.Copy and Paste your resolution and submit

  • The deadline to submit 2011 resolutions is October 10, 2011.
  • We will tentatively be holding a webinar November 15, 2011 to discuss the resolutions turned in in October. A final draft of the resolutions will be shared with the whole group after this date to express their wishes to co-sponsor any resolutions. Email your co-sponsorships to Kristen Pekarek at

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